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Fittings and Tubing

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Oval type release button added [New]
■Improved tube insertion/removal

Insertion force: Max. 30% reduction 
Removal force: Max. 20% reduction*

*Tube pulling out strength is ensured to be equivalent to existing model.

■Compact and lightweight

Dimensions Height direction 24% shorter * 
Dimensions Horizontal direction 23% shorter * 
Weight 57% lighter *

*Existing model KQ2 series Male elbow/Applicable tubing O.D.: ø6/Connection thread: R1/8

■KQ, KQ2 and KJ consolidated into "KQ2"

Enhanced variation, Lightweight, Compact

■Selectable seal method*

* Connection thread: R, NPT

■Selectable surface treatment
  • Brass (No plating)
  • Brass + Electroless nickel plated
■Face seal adopted for threading

Improved installability
(Reduced tool-tightening after hand-tightening)

■Height with multiple usage is uniform.

Prevention of sealant residue/protrusion

Existing sealant type leaves residue and protrudes out from the threading when installing, making it necessary to clear away the residue using an air blower or similar. However, no residue is created when using a face seal.

Re-piping is possible.

Face seal 
Repeated re-piping some 6 to 10 times is possible due to use of elastic sealant on seating. 
Sealant tape is necessary because sealant becomes separated with repeated installation.

■Oval Type/Round Type Variations

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