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Rotary Actuators Rack & Pinion Type

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Compact auto switches are mountable.

Compact auto switches are mountable.(D-M9□)

Compact auto switches are mountable
on 2 surfaces.


Auto switch can be mounted from the front.

■Weight is reduced by up to 14%, Mounting interchangeable with the current model.

Lightweight body by changing the body and the cover shape.

■Cushion, Rotating angle

Rotating angle 90°, 100°, 180°, 190°

■Many variations of shaft type

Standard: 8 types (Current model/Standard : 2 types, Semi-standard : 6 types)

■Mounting suitable for operating conditions is possible.

Foot bracket can be mounted at a desired position. 
(Foot bracket is included in the rotary actuator at shipment.)

■Angle adjustable type

Angle can be adjusted to a desired level in a range of up to 90°.

■With solenoid valve

・Solenoid valve and rotation speed adjustment function are integrated. 
・Part number is set for the angle adjustable type.

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