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Van tay Mindman MVHA-34T, MVHA-34C, MVHA-34CW

Mã sản phẩm: MVHA-34T, MVHA-34C, MVHA-34CW
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Van tay Mindman MVHA-34T, MVHA-34C, MVHA-34CW

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Liên hệ


The 34T Operator may be used with any TAC series push-button valve to provide easier actuation. Materials : Nickel-plated steel.
Materials Nickel-plated steel
Weight 20 g


The 34C Operator Cam-stroke is two times by the valve's push-stroke.Adjustment of roller height is made through the use of a mounting bracket and Locknuts.
Materials Level...Nickel-plated steel;Roller...POM
Weight 15 g


The 34CW Operator actuates valves when the pawl is contacted from lever side. The pawl then folds out of the way in the opposite direction.
Materials Level...Nickel-plated steel;Pawl...POM
Weight 15 g

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