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Cảm biến Magnescale Digital Gauge DK830S

Mã sản phẩm: DK830S
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Cảm biến Magnescale Digital Gauge DK830S

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High accuracy, 30mm stroke, and slim gauges for installation on machine.

  • Measuring range: 30mm
  • High accuracy: 1.3μm(DK830SR/SLR), 1.7μm(DK830SVR)
  • Maximum resolution: 0.1μm
  • High response speed: 80m/min
  • Built-in reference point
  • Spline design applied to spindle bearings, thus improving reproduction of the detection accuracty.
  • Pneumatic push type(DK830SVR)



*1 Except interpolation box and connector

*2 Bellows set(Option accessory)

*3 Except cable and interpolation box Note4: According to the evaluation method of Magnescale.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model DK830SR DK830SLR DK830SVR
Measuring range 30 mm
Resolution 0.1 μm
Acucracy(at 20゜C / 68°F) 1.3 μm 1.7 μm
Measuring force
  • Upperward: 0.5 ±0.35 N
  • Horizontal: 0.6 ±0.35 N
  • Downward: 0.7 ±0.35 N
  • Air presser 0.07 Mpa 1.9 N or less for all diection
  • Air presser 0.09 Mpa 2.6 N or less for all diection
Operating temperture 0~50゜C
Strage temperture −20~60゜C
Maximum response speed 80 m/min
Reference point response speed 80 m/min
Air driving non Pneumatic push type
Reference point position One point at 1mm spindle move
Protective design grade (*1) IP53 IP53/IP67 (*2)
Vibration resistance 10~2kHz 100 m/s2
Impact resistance 1000 m/s2 11 ms
Cable length Approx. 2.4 m
Diameter of stem φ8
Feeler Provided with a carbide tip, Mounting screw M2.5
Power supply voltage DC 5 V±5 %
Power consumption 1 W
Mass (*3) Approx. 70 g Approx. 80 g
Output A/B/REF voltage-differential line driver output (compliant with EIA-422)
Achieved number of strokes 30 million or more 10 million or more
Output cable length(up to the electronic section) 22 m MAX
Accessiries Spanner, Instruction manual, Supplimanet, +P M4x5 screw(2 pcs.)
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