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Fiber Units

Mã sản phẩm: E32 Series
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OMRON's Fiber Sensors continue to support an increasing range of applications.

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Standard Installation

Threaded Models

E32 Series Features 2

• Standard configuration. These Fiber Units are mounted into a hole drilled in a bracket and secured with nuts. 
• The Right-angle Model prevents snagging on the cable because the cable runs along the mounting surface.

E32 Series Features 3

Cylindrical Models

E32 Series Features 4

• Inserted where space is limited. (Secured using a set screw.) 
• Ultramate space-saving by micro-fiber head. (1 dia. × 10 mm)

E32 Series Features 5

Saving Space

Flat Models

E32 Series Features 7

• Thin profile for mounting in limited spaces. 
• Mounts directly without using special mounting brackets.

Sleeve Models (Close-range Detection)

E32 Series Features 8

• Sleeve Fiber Units allow detection away from the point of installation for stable close-range detection of small objects. 
• The shape of sleeve can be changed freely.

E32 Series Features 9

Beam Improvements

Small-Spot, Reflective (Minute Object Detection)

E32 Series Features 11


• Small-spot is ideal for detecting minute objects. 
    Select the Fiber Unit that is best suited for the workpiece size and installation distance. 
    (Refer to Reference Information for Model Selection) 
• Available with a variable-spot Lens Unit to change the spot diameter without replacing the fiber. The spot diameter can 
    be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece by changing the withdrew length and sensing distance. 
    Refer to the following graph, which shows the relation between the withdrew length, focal distance, and spot diameter.


E32 Series Features 12

* Withdrew length: Approx. 1.3 to 5.8 mm

High-power Beam (Long-distance Installation, Dust-resistant)

E32 Series Features 13


• Maximum sensing distance without attaching a Lens: 20 m (E32-T17L) 
    Suitable for detection of large objects and for use in large-scale installations. 
• Powerful enough to resist the influences of dust and dirt. 
• In addition to the products listed on this page, Lenses are available to extend the sensing distance.


Narrow View (Detection Across clearance)

E32 Series Features 14

• The fine beam prevents false detection of light that is reflected off surrounding objects.

E32 Series Features 15

Detection without Background Interference

E32 Series Features 16


• These Fiber Units detect only objects in the sensing range. Objects in the background that are located beyond a certain 
   point are not detected. 
   They are not easily affected by the material or color of the sensing object.


E32 Series Features 17

Transparent Object Detection


E32 Series Features 19


• Retro-reflective Fiber Units are ideal for detecting transparent objects. 
   The light beam passes through the object twice, this model interrupts light more than Through-beam model.


E32 Series Features 20


• Excellent detection performance with transparent films. (E32-C31 2M + E39-F3R) 
   The specially designed filter eliminates undesirable light, which allows significantly more light to be interrupted for 
   stable detection of films.


E32 Series Features 21

Limited-reflective (Glass Detection)

E32 Series Features 22


• These Fiber Units are based on a limited-reflective optical system where the emitting light and receiving light axes 
    intersect at the same angle. 
    This allows for stable detection of glass because the Fiber Units receives the specular reflection of the glass when the 
   glass is in the sensing range.


E32 Series Features 23

Environmental Immunity

Chemical-resistant, Oil-resistant

E32 Series Features 25

• These Fiber Units are made from fluororesin for resistance to chemicals.

Chemical-resistant Data for Fluororesin (Reference)

E32 Series Features 26

Note: Results depend on concentration.

Bending-resistant, Disconnection-resistant

E32 Series Features 27

• Capable of withstanding one million repeated bends.

E32 Series Features 28


• A large number of independent fine fibers ensures good flexibility. Suitable for use on moving parts without easily 


E32 Series Features 29


• Protective Stainless Spiral Tube is available for covering the fiber cable to protect it from accidental breaking due to 
   snagging or shock.



E32 Series Features 31


• Wide product variety for temperatures from 100 to 350°C. 
    Select the model according to heat-resistant temperature.


Special Applications

Area Beam (Area Detection)

E32 Series Features 33


• Area beams are optimum for detecting workpieces presented in inconsistent positions, such as falling workpieces, or 
    for meander detection, or for detecting workpieces with holes.



• This Fiber Unit is ideal for meander detectin because it outputs the digital value in a linear relation to the interrupted 
    light distance.


E32 Series Features 34

Liquid-level Detection

E32 Series Features 35


• Fiber Units for detecting liquid levels are available in two types: for tube mounting and liquid contact.


Tube-mounting Types

E32 Series Features 36

Detect the liquid level inside transparent tubes. Strap the Fiber Unit to a tube with band.

Liquid-contact Type

E32 Series Features 37

Detect the liquid level by direct contact with the liquid. 
This model has excellent chemical-resistance because the Fiber Unit is covered in fluororesin.


E32 Series Features 38

• Can be used under high vacuums of up to 10-5 Pa. 
• Available in models with heat resistant up to 120 or 200°C.

Configuration Example for using under vacuum

E32 Series Features 39

FPD, Semiconductors, and Solar Cells (Limited-reflective)

E32 Series Features 40

Glass-substrate Alignment

E32 Series Features 41


・Detection position accuracy: 0.2 mm max. 
   No variation in detection positions even if the sensing distance changes. 
・Tilting workpiece does not affect detection.


Glass-substrate Mapping

E32 Series Features 42

Stable detection is possible even for difficult-to-detect curved surfaces.

Glass Presence Detection in Wet Processes

E32 Series Features 43


・Stable non-contact detection even with warped glass. 
・The spherical heads ensure stable detection without being influenced by liquid.


FPD, Semiconductors, and Solar Cells (Through-beam)

E32 Series Features 44

Wafer Mapping

E32 Series Features 45


・Thin-profile design enables easy mounting on robot arms. 
・Easy to adjust optical axis. 
   (Typical alignment error between mechanical and optical axes is only ±0.1°.) 
・Reliably wafer detection, even when stacked closely together.

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