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Máy đo độ nhám Jenoptik Skidless probe system Waveline W20

Mã sản phẩm: W20
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Máy đo độ nhám Jenoptik Skidless probe system Waveline W20

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The skidless probe system Waveline W20 helps to optimise your mobile roughness measurement.

Measure surface roughness with the Waveline W20 mobile measuring instrument

Waveline W20

The Waveline W20 skidless probe system has been designed specifically for mobile roughness measurement. It not only measures all common roughness parameters, but also evaluates the waviness and total profile of your workpiece surfaces. The measuring instrument is particularly compact and portable. The built-in battery means that it can be used even without an external power supply.

The measuring probe is automatically positioned on the workpiece surface. The motorized probe lowering function simplifies operation— you simply need to position the traverse unit and start the measurement. On completion of the measurement, the probe arm lifts up from the workpiece automatically. This protects the probe tip from damage.

The large color touchscreen is extremely clear and easy to operate. With the integrated printer, you can display your measurement results in graph form immediately. Parameters, profile graphics, Abbott curves and statistical data can be displayed. The measuring instrument offers seven measuring programs, as well as the option to test it with the integrated roughness standard.


  • Safe: Motorized probe lowering protects the roughness probe and automatically sets the measuring range
  • Mobile use: Compact traverse unit with skidless probe system
  • Document measured values: Print out results immediately
  • Easy to use: Clear and transparent thanks to the large, color touchscreen with context-sensitive probe functions
  • Informative: Display parameters, profile graphics, Abbott curves and statistical data
  • Versatile: Extensive range of accessories for individual measuring tasks

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