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Chotest Profilometer & Roughness measuring machine SJ5701

Mã sản phẩm: SJ5701
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Chotest Profilometer & Roughness measuring machine SJ5701

Liên hệ
Liên hệ

§≡≡≡≡   Functions   ≡≡≡≡

1. Surface contour evaluation: It can evaluate radius, angle, distance, coordinates, circle, circular cross section, and determine the points, each intersectant point, coordinate axis, straight line, vertical line, circle and circular cross section, and analyze the straightness, roundness of contour;
More functions: 
 (1)Establish a regression line and a circle
 (2)Establish the points, intersectant points, free points, center point, the highest point and the lowest point
 (3)Establish the coordinate system
 (4)Calculate the radius, distance, angle, coordinates and linear deviation
 (5)Compare actual value with nominal value
 (6)The measurement program runs automatically
2. SJ5701 can evaluate surface roughness: Ra, Rz, Rt, RS, RSm, Rp, Rv, Rq, Rt, Rmax, D, Rmr curve, Rdc, etc.
3. CNC Automatic mode is supported; SPC statistics and analysis are supported
4. Support to import CAD file and annotate CAD profile.
5. Support to import PDF profile data.
6. Can export test data to the Word, Excel, AutoCAD(Optional)
7. Output multiple kinds of report format, and support user-defined report, or customize report(optional)
8. Can query and manage the test records according to object type, manufacturer, manufacturing number, inspector, submitted institution, equipment number, inspection date or effective date etc.
9. Can print multiple selected test records or test certificates from database at once time
10. User-friendly software interface
11. Data backup and restore


§≡≡≡≡      Photo     ≡≡≡≡


§≡≡≡≡  Parameters ≡≡≡≡

Item No SJ5701
Profile measurement:
(1) X-axis
Measuring range (0~200)mm
Indication error ±(0.8+2L/100)µm,
L is horizontal measured length in mm
Resolution 0.01μm
Strightness 2μm/200mm
Scanning speed (0.05~5)mm/s
Moving speed (0~10)mm/s
(2) Z0-axis
Measuring range ±25mm
Indication error ±(1.5+|2H|/100)µm
H is vertical measured height in mm
Resolution 0.01μm
(3) Z-axis
Measuring range (0~450)mm
Moving speed (0~10)mm/s
(4) Measuring force (10~150)mN
(5) Max gradient uphill 77 º / downhill 83º
(6) Object table Rotation angle: 360º; X, Y movement: 15mm
(7) Dimension & weight Marble base: 800×450×100mm
(8) Operating environment

No strong magnetic field, no vibration, no corrosive gas; 

Operating temperature: 20 ± 2℃; Relative humidity: 40-60%

Roughness measurement:
(1) Basic parameters
Measuring range X: 200mm; Z1:±800µm(Optional) / ±80µm /±40µm /±20µm
Error of strightness ≤0.15µm/20mm, ≤0.5µm/200mm
Indication error ±5%
Resolution Z1: 0.001µm(±800µm) Optional, 0.004µm(±80µm), 0.002µm(±40µm), 0.001µm(±20µm)
Scanning speed 0.5 mm/s, 0.1 mm/s or 0.05 mm/s adjustable


                                                                      Built-in roughtness standards

Parameter classification Parameters
Roughness Ra ,  Rq ,   Rz ,  Rmax ,  Rpc ,  Rz-JIS ,  Rt ,  Rp ,  Rv ,  R3z ,  RSm ,  Rs ,  Rsk , 
Rku ,   Rdq ,  Rlq ,  Rdc ,  RHSC ,  Rmr ,  Rz-L ,  Rp-L ,  R3z-L ,  Rdc-L ,  RMr-L , 
Pdc-L ,  PMr-L
Key roughness Rk ,  Rpk ,  Rvk ,  Rpkx ,  Rvkx ,  Mr1 ,  Mr2 ,  A1 ,  A2 ,  Vo
Profile Pa ,  Pq ,  Pt ,  Pp ,  Pv ,  PSm ,  Psk ,  Pku ,  Pdq ,  Plq ,  Pdc ,  PHSC ,  PPc ,  PMr
Waviness of Profile Wa ,  Wq ,  Wt ,  Wp ,  Wv ,  WSm ,  Wsk ,  Wku ,  Wdg ,  Wdc ,  WMr
Motif R ,  Ar ,  W ,  Aw ,  Rx ,  Wx ,  Wte ,  Nr ,  Ncrx ,  Nw ,  Cpm ,  CR ,  CF ,  CL
ISO 5436 Pt ,  D


§≡≡≡≡    Features   ≡≡≡≡

1. High precision, high stability, high repeatability: fully meet the measurement requirements of test object.
  1)The world's leading high-precision linear encoder system and high-precision inductance measurement system;
  2)High-precision grinding rail is made of good material with high wear resistance.
  3)High-performance linear motor driving system
2. Intelligent measurement software
Thanks to friendly software interface, the operator can grasp the basic operation of the machine.
3. Can measure multiple parameters
Automated evaluation of roughness including Ra, Rz, Rp, Rt, etc.
4. Measuring force
Measuring force controlled by voice coil motor driving system is continuously adjustable from 10mN to 150mN, and the resolution of measuring force is 0.2mN;
5. Intelligent protection system
Once the measuring probe collides with test object / workholder, or tensile force to measuring probe is too large during scanning process, the machine will stop scanning in order to protect measuring probe and measuring system.
6. Flexible manual control
The machine is equipped with a joystick, which can be used to position the probe before measurement. The operator can control the measuring probe to move up and down, left and right quickly without the computer.


§≡≡≡≡  Applications  ≡≡≡≡


                                                                      Scanning curve of Roughness



                                                                         Scanning curve of Profile



 §≡≡≡≡ Configuration ≡≡≡≡

Standard configuration: 

1. Host machine

  1)Profile measurement module

  2)Roughness measurement module(including Measuring probe)

2. Calibration gauges

3. Measuring probe for profile measurement

4. Jaw vice

5. Object table

6. Measuring software

7. Desktop computer and 24” monitor

8. Aluminium alloy suitcase for accessories

9. User manual

10. Product certification and Warranty card


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