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Van cổng ASAHI AV / Chlor-Alkali Specification & EL Specification[1/2-4inch](15-100mm)

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Liên hệ
The detail of EL-Specification
Feature:To prevent the generation of blister and crack by applying special material.

Medium:High temperature brine, Sodium hypochlorite, Hydrofluoric acid and so on.

Countermeasure:for blister, crack, peeling-off and so on.

Parts:EL-PVDF(Body) and EL-PTFE(Diaphragm)

Target:Chlor/Alkali industry, pulp & paper industry, steel industry and so on.

Reference:Many factories especially in Electrolysis plants in world wide.
15mm(1/2inch) - 100mm(4inch)

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